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Key benefits of Shoplo Payments powered by Blue Media S.A.

Our online payments have been designed so that the owner of the online store can make them available to the customers in just a few minutes – without a contract and with no programming.

A large selection of payment methods

When buying online, people like to be able to use their favorite payment methods, so we offer all the most popular solutions, i.e payments by debit and credit card, , in the Pay-by-Link system, or BLIK.

Mobile ready

The Blue Media Payment page is designed in the RWD technology, so its appearance and behavior automatically adapt to the size of the device use to make the payment. M-commerce is a particularly important branch of the online sales sector.

Convenient and time-saving

Shoplo payments let you can track payments in one panel used for managing the store and orders – no need to contact external payment providers or log into additional systems.

Instant implementation

Funds deposited by your customer will be transferred to your account the very next day.

Ease of use

All you need to do is activate it in the Shoplo panel – no additional contracts and accounts in external systems.

100% safe

Blue Media payments are based on a stable and proven technology used by the largest banks and many institutions.

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Available payment methods

Instalments, deferred payments, BLIK, cards, PBL, transfer


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online stores use our Shoplo Payments

500,000 .

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See how you can implement Shoplo payments in your store

To start

Before you proceed to activate Shoplo payments, check the following:

  1. Make sure you have added products with descriptions and photos as this is one of the factors that determine positive verification of your account.
  2. If your store is protected with a password, contact us and provide it to us so the payment option can be activated. You can set a temporary password, such as “BlueMedia”.
  3. Check if the terms and conditions contain company information (name, address, tax identification number) and information on all payment methods to be available to your customers, as well as refunds and order fulfillment terms.

Click the link and log in using as administrator: store name, email, and password.


When you log in, the desktop opens.

Use the menu and go to: Settings (Ustawienia) >> Payments (Płatności), then click Activate (Aktywuj) (next to the Shoplo Payments icon).

Form submission

When you press Activate (Aktywuj), an activation form will be displayed, which must be completed and confirmed.

Remember that the information you enter must be true and valid. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, it may complicate or completely prevent the verification and the implementation of Shoplo Payments in your online store.

Important: please provide a valid email address, so we can contact you.

Your account number must be exactly the same as the one used to make the verification transfer (next step).

Verification transfer

When you complete and submit the form, you will see the activation link you need to click to send a verification transfer for the amount of PLN 1.

Please remember that the account number, for the verification transfer must match the one you provided in the form. Otherwise, it will not be possible to activate Shoplo payments in your store.

In the next step, select your bank and send the transfer. The activation amount will be refunded to you.

If you do not find your bank, select the option: I have an account at another bank (Mam konto w innym banku) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Select this option when you want to use your business billing account. Otherwise, the payment gateway will automatically redirect you to the login screen for individual customers, which will prevent the process from being carried out correctly.

All done! Shoplo Payments verification usually takes about 24 hours. It may take longer when you choose the “I have an account at another bank” option and during the holiday season. If the verification is successful, the option will appear in the Payments tab (as Shoplo Payments).

You can trust us

On October 1, 2013, we were granted the status of a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Since 2011, following the approval of the National Bank of Poland, we have been conducting billing and settlement operations subject to the supervision of the NBP.

We have a PCI DSS certificate that allows us to process card data in IT systems and payment gateways.

We belong to the Polish Organization of Non-Bank Payment Institutions (Polska Organizacja Niebankowych Instytucji Płatności) and the Banking Technology Forum (Forum Technologii Bankowych) at the Polish Bank Association (Związek Banków Polskich).

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