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Key benefits of verification transfers

A verification transfer is one of the most convenient ways to confirm the identity of the person applying for a financial product (i.e. personal account, cash loan, or payday loan).

Ease of use

To make a verification transfer, the customer selects the preferred payment method (to be used with their bank account) and confirm a PLN 1 transfer.

Instant feedback

Immediately after the verification transfer has been made, you will receive confirmation of the customer's personal information (name, surname, address).

The data may also contain a transfer title if it is needed to verify a concluded contract remotely.

The result of the verification process is data and/or a TRUE/FALSE message.

A variety of partners

We support all the most popular payment methods, including mTransfer, Pay with ING, Pay with inteligo, Pay with BOŚ Bank, and many more.

Mutual benefits

The verification process is quick and efficient, and the customer may swiftly gain access to the product or service they are interested in.

Your company, on the other hand, can instantly identify a potential customer.

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banks and financial institutions use our solutions

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credit information bureaus as well as loan and factoring companies use our solutions

How does a verification transfer work?

Verification transfers are getting more and more popular. They are used by banks, lenders, insurance and leasing companies. These are usually businesses that sell financial products online and want to prevent fraud or identity theft before they issue a favorable decision, e.g. in case of credit loans.

A verification transfer is an effective mechanism that prevents identity thieves (e.g. someone who stole personal information or found a lost ID) from taking out a loan (or purchasing any other financial product).

Thanks to the verification transfer, the customer does not need to physically confirm their identity: the entire process is done online, and banks or loan companies can use this reliable security tool to sell their products on the Internet.

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