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Sport Elite

Cooperation with the biggest clubs and sports organizations in the country helped us better understand the emotions associated with sport, and the importance of fighting spirit. This allowed us to identify the needs of the fans and supporters of sport, and address them through our solutions.

Multi-platform for fan communication

Many years of experience with the sports sector have enabled us to precisely identify the needs of this market in terms of online presence and communication with fans. This resulted in the development of successful, comprehensive solutions used by the biggest sports federations and clubs in Poland today.

Multi-platform for fans communication is a complementary set of proprietary solutions that allow to maximally leverage the presence of sports organizations on the Internet.

Besides the basic modules like: web service and integrated mobile app, available for three major operating systems, we also offer modules for managing fan relationships and payment systems improving the business presence of the club/sports organization in the digital channels.

Available implementation modules for portals of sports clubs, federations and sports organizations

Professional website

With a dedicated Content Management System (CMS)

Mobile application (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

Full integration with the website, app management from the content management system (CMS)

CRM and loyalty program

Fan relationship management and messaging platform (e-mail, sms, surveys) and loyalty program for active fans

Ticketing system

Online shop

Federation and sports club portal

With this goal in mind, we developed a proprietary engine for creating and administering professional web portals for sports federations and clubs.

As part of our implementations of dedicated portals for sports organizations, we offer websites that are conveniently customizable with additional extensions like modules for effective communication and online fan support. We offer an array of proprietary extensions that can supplement the basic functionality of a club/federation website in the future.

We implement portals that meet the most important needs in terms of web presence, enabling federations, clubs and organizers of sporting events to use the Internet to its full potential, facilitating communication and promotion of their activities.

Each of the portals we implement is based on a proprietary content management system (CMS), which enables secure and convenient editing of all content and modifying the structure of the website at a later time.

Professional web service tailored to mobile devices

Dedicated content management system (CMS)

See example implementation:

What we provide:

  • security
  • stability and continuity of implementation and operation (service level agreement)
  • proprietary Content Management System (CMS) tailor made for the banking industry
  • a set of components supporting the customer service and online sales processes
  • mobile-friendly design: Responsive Web Design technology (RWD)

Benefits for the club/federation:

  • effective communication with customers
  • easy administration and content management
  • optimization of sales processes and provision of online customer service

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