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Sports projects

We understand the importance of emotions in sport. We know how valuable the support of the fans is to the players, and how much the fans appreciate up-to-date information about their idols and the successes of their favourite team. We wanted to shorten the distance between them, and facilitate communication to further foster sport emotions.

We have developed a range of innovative tools for the sports sector: sport clubs, academies, federations, and the fans themselves.

Why us:

  1. We have implemented numerous platforms and portals for the biggest clubs and sports federations in Poland. We have 18 years of experience in the IT market.
  2. We are the providers of secure communication and online payment solutions. Our clearing and settlement activities are under constant supervision of industry regulators.
  3. We have expertise in the implementation of large-scale affiliate and loyalty programs. We are subjected to regular security and Inspector General audits.

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