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Bill payments

Automation of payments for batch invoicing

​We provide small and large invoice issuers with ready-made systems for the management of one-time and recurring payments. The solution is offered in a clear revenue model and fees are charged to the sender of the payment. This solution is recommended by Blue Media. However, the more traditional model in which the fees are charged to the issuer of the invoice is also possible.

For whom:

  • For SaaS businesses
  • For internet service providers
  • For electricity suppliers
  • For gas suppliers
  • For water-supply and sewage-disposal businesses 
  • For educational institutions
  • For cooperatives and condominiums​

What do you gain by using our bill payments:

  • You provide your customers with a convenient form of payment

  • You improve the effectiveness in the collection of receivables

  • You optimize the cost associated with invoicing and payment acceptance

  • White label gateway for companies which do not have their own customer service centres

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