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Online payments

We strive to minimize the gap between the needs and ways of satisfying them. From shopping online and paying for services to the purchase of life insurance. Every day, people rely on our fast and secure solutions helping them pay or receive payments in an easy way. It is our mission to make it possible.

What distinguishes our payment systems:

A wide range of payment methods

We support Pay by link, credit card, fast bank transfers and BLIK

Instant payments

-Individual user accounts
-Same-day transfer of funds to the bank account of the Partner (optional)
-Simple returns
-Detailed reporting

Automatic payments (recurring and one-click)

Convenience and automation of regular and recurring card payments

Blue Media SMS Gateway

A proprietary SMS gateway for the communication with customers

BlueCash Payments System

Instant transfers

White Label

A wide selection of ready-made plug-ins for open source platforms, flexible pricing, tailored to specific business reality