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What you need to know about automatic verification

Online banking verification (Automatic Identification System, AIS) is one of the fastest and safest ways to obtain required customer information.

Easy to use

When the customer logs on to their online banking application, their address information and financial data (in- and outflow categories) are downloaded and analyzed, and then saved as a PDF or JSON file.

The customers receives a PDF file and returns to the initial verification service.

The customer data are sent to the company in JSON format, in real time.

Security guarantee

We are supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the National Bank of Poland.

The service is based on the EU PSD2 directive.

We provide 24/7 IT support and monitoring.

What data can can be verified?

During integration with our verification system, you can use all available solutions or only selected components that will configured for you. It is you who decides what customer data you want to get.

Personal information

You can confirm the customer's name, surname, and address without a verification transfer.

The result of the verification process is a dataset or a TRUE/FALSE message.

Personal information + financial information

In addition to personal information, you can also receive the customer's financial information (in- and outflows).

The data can be categorized or raw (a transaction list).

Personal information + financial information + scoring

Besides the personal and financial information, you can receive the customer's scoring result, from A to E.

This will enable you to receive a complete set of customer data for a decision, such as granting a loan.


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