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Multi-channel platform for the sale of insurance products

The increasing demands of the insurance market require insurance companies to use more flexible tools for better management of the offer creation and client acquisition processes. To cater to this need, we have developed a dedicated platform for the support of the sales of insurance products in own, external and on-line channels of individual insurers.

Our solution is a comprehensive set of tools for selling insurance and managing sales across multiple channels. With our dedicated module DIRECT, Insurers can handle the end-to-end sales process online. The module integrates with existing internal systems which allows to bring all channels in one place and effectively improve sales.

The solution, in addition to automation of sales channels, offers a number of additional functions supporting the sales process: billing module, miniCRM, agent affiliate program, e-learning module.

We provide:

  • security
  • support in the process of configuration of the platform and its integration with existing internal systems of the Insurer
  • work related to the design and automation of sales channels
  • mobile-friendly responsive web design

Multi-channel platform for the sale of insurance products can also be successfully implemented as a support tool for insurance multiagencies and as a platform supporting the process of selling insurance products in Banks (bancassurance, platform compliant with recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority).

Benefits for the Insurer:

  • integration of all sales processes and sales channels in a single tool
  • increased sales efficiency and a streamlined sales network.
  • ability to sell insurance products completely online
  • fast integration with existing sales systems

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