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Insurance Company Portal

Customers need permanent and unrestricted contact with insurance agents. The need to provide clients with quick comparison of many products and convenient ways of selling them online are just some of the challenges faced by insurance companies today. We have consistently identified these needs and responded to them for years.

We implement multi-purpose portals for both insurance customers and agents. We cooperate with many companies in the insurance sector.  

We provide:

  • security
  • stability and continuity during implementation and operation (service level agreement)
  • proprietary CMS (Content Management System) tailor made for the insurance industry
  • a collection of components to support the client and the agent in the process of sales and customer service in the Internet channel
  • mobile-friendly responsive web design
  • implementation of individual user eAccounts for management of ​​insurance products

Insurance Company Portal is a solution that allows insurers to build their own channel of communication, facilitate the presentation of the offer, promotional activities and online sales. Our implementations use a proprietary CMS engine that allows dynamic editing of all content.

We also offer specially designed, additional modules facilitating communication with clients and supporting agents in the sales and after-sales processes. 

Benefits for the Insurer:

  • Effective communication with Clients and Agents
  • Easy administration and content management
  • Optimization of sales processes and provision of online customer service

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