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We were the first company in Poland to introduce the BlueCash Payment System (SPBC), currently one of the most popular systems for instant transfers between banks

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The advantages of adding instant transfers to your offer

Our offer was created in response to a growing market demand for modern banking solutions and products.

A solution that customers love

Nowadays, customers choose convenient and easily available solution – and their requirements and product awareness are high. BlueCash allows customers to make instant transfers between different banks at any time.

Express phone transfers

No bank account number is needed to send money. All your customer needs to know is the phone number – and the transaction will be processed as efficiently as in the case of a transfer to a bank account.

Reliable service

The system includes almost 100 banks in Poland and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Banks that use express transfers

Our expert

The obvious advantage of this solution is that instant transfers need no more than just a few seconds to process.

Additionally, the service is available 24/7, all year round (also on Sundays and public holidays).

This makes the BlueCash system the only such efficient solution in Poland.

Krzysztof Ambroziak
Relations Director at Blue Media SA

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15 s

needed to process an immediate interbank transfer

6.2 million

instant transfers are made with BlueCash every year

8 billion

total turnover of the BlueCash Payment System


customers use our systems every day

How does BlueCash work?

Technically speaking, a fast BlueCash transfer consists of two automatic intra-bank transfers. For the customer, however, the process is the same as usual and they send just one transfer.

Blue Media has bank accounts in all supported banks, so the transaction can be processed immediately as the transfer is divided into two separate internal transfers.

The advantage over the solution provided by the National Clearing House is that the BlueCash process is actually performed (regardless of the date and time) in a few seconds.

Meanwhile, the other solution relies on only three sessions: morning, noon, and afternoon. If the customer fails to order the transfer during the outgoing session, the transaction will only be processed the next day, and Friday transfers will not be deposited until Monday.

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