Identity verification and data analysis


Our systems are used by lenders, insurance companies, banks, and other companies.

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Introduce innovative solutions that will allow you to confirm your potential customer's identity quickly and securely.

Verification transfer

This is one of the most convenient ways to confirm the identity of the person applying for a financial product (i.e. personal account, cash loan, or payday loan).

The customer makes an instant PLN 1 verification transfer. Transfer details are generated automatically, without interrupting any processes.

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Online banking verification (AIS)

When the customer logs on to their online banking application, their address information and financial data (in- and outflow categories) are downloaded and analyzed, and then saved as a PDF or JSON file.

The customer returns to the website where verification was initiated. You receive real-time customer data.

The service is based on the EU PSD2 directive.

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eID identity verification

This is the fastest way to confirm identity. The process consists of information exchange between the company that orders the verification and the bank, and is done fully online.

The entire verification process takes place in the background and is almost invisible to the user.

The data transfer request is available in the internet banking system.

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ID verification (OCR)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows you to automatically obtain personal data directly from a photo, e.g. an ID.

This way you can confirm whether the data entered by the customer is true and valid.

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Photo verification

Photo verification is a combination of automatic optical recognition (OCR) of an ID and biometric verification of the face, done with a smartphone camera.

It allows you to check the customer's data and instantly confirm their identity.

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Scoring tools

Use our scoring tools to increase your profits, facilitate customer verification (including creditworthiness), lower the sales cost, and increase your income. These secure and effective solutions are used by telecommunications companies and media suppliers, as well as many other businesses.

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What can you expect?

Better customer service

By implementing a system for remote identity verification and creditworthiness, you can significantly improve the quality of customer service and facilitate contract processing.

Lower customer service costs

When your customers are able to send the application, undergo the verification process, and sign the contract online, you increase the efficiency of all processes and, as a result, reduce your costs and modernize your offer.

Higher income

Easier access to your products (such as loans) and the ability to apply and go through the entire process online will attract more customers to your business.


banks and financial institutions use our solutions

2.1 million

verifications with our tools annually


credit information bureaus as well as loan and factoring companies use our solutions

880 000

customers use our systems every day

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