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A new, secure tool to verify your customers identity fully online

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How does the verification process work?

Case study: Data exchange between the Orange mobile operator and Bank ING in order to register a SIM card.


In order to switch from a pre-paid card to a subscription or register a new SIM card, an Orange customer chooses identity verification with the use of internet banking.


They select ING from the list of banks and are redirected to the login window of the Moje ING internet banking system.


Personal data transfer request is authorized by the customer with an SMS code.


After a few seconds, the Orange system confirms data receipt, and the customer is automatically redirected to the operator's website.

Our expert

The two most important features of the solution are comfort and safety. When using the tool designed and implemented by Blue Media S.A., customers can confirm their identity with just a few clicks – anytime and anywhere. We have created this solution to facilitate everyday activities, so that your customers can spend their time doing what they enjoy.

Luiza Bolda-Bas
Sales Director Financial Institutions Sector at Blue Media

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banks and financial institutions are our clients

1.8 million

identity verification operations are performed annually with our tools


credit information bureaus as well as loan and factoring companies use our solutions

What you need to know about identity verification

It is an excellent tool for:

  • Banks – to improve the process of concluding credit and loan agreements or selling insurance policies over the Internet.
  • Mobile operators – to conclude a new contract or extend the current contract, or offer access to the customer management system.
  • Lenders – to offer immediate transfer of funds to their customers within a fully online process.
  • Offices - to modernize and improve their customer service, e.g. by accepting online applications for of documents or certificates.
  • E-commerce owners – to quickly collect user information needed to complete the delivery or, for example, verify the age of the customer.
  • Your company – to improve customer service, gain competitive advantage, and increase your income.

Why use eID?

  • The entire verification process takes place in the background and is almost invisible to the user.
  • Your customers can go through the identification process swiftly and obtain the services they need (such as SIM card registration) without having to go to your office or wait for courier service to sign an agreement.
  • There are no additional costs for your customers.
  • Since the identity of your customers has been already verified by the bank, there is no risk of receiving invalid information.

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