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Give your customers the option of quick payments and automatic payments in your online customer management service and improve debt collection

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The benefits of our one-time and recurring payment system

We provide convenient and efficient solutions for large-scale invoice issuers to help them gain more control over payments.

New, higher quality

You can offer convenient payment methods to your customers and increase the effectiveness of debt collection, as well as optimize invoicing payments costs.

Access to proven tools

Our services are used by 880,000 customers, 300 banks and financial institutions, 33,000 online stores, and 60 utility suppliers.

A trusted partner

We are PCI DSS certified and operate according to ISO/IEC 27001. Our solutions meet the requirements of industry regulatory bodies: NBP (National Bank of Poland), KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority), and GIODO (Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data).

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Our expert

Automatic payments for bills, such as electricity, Internet, or television, are a remarkably simple solution that can be implemented in the online customer management system.

This way your customers can use a convenient payment method and forget about payment deadlines.

On the other hand, large-scale invoice issuers receive a tool that allows them to gain more control over payments and improve debt collection. The solution is also available in the white label model.

Sylwia Frydel
Business Development Director at Blue Media

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the number of days to transfer the payment to your account


the number of large-scale invoice issuers using our solutions

4.4 billion

total value of bills paid using our solutions

30 million

number of transactions for large-scale invoice issuers handled by us in 2020

Why choose Blue Media bill payments?

Online payments are becoming increasingly popular. Customers choose this payment method not only for online purchases, but also when they want to pay their bills.

This method is not only much more convenient, because they can pay at any time and place, but also more cost-effective. The commission for online payments is usually PLN 1–1.50. Meanwhile, the basic commission charged at a Poczta Polska branch is PLN 3.40.

When you allow your customers to use quick payments for bills directly in your online customer management system, you will not only meet their needs, but also increase the speed of collection.

In case of late payments, you can also use our SMS gatewayto send a reminder with a payment link.

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