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Mobile top-ups in electronic banking

We have created a universal mechanism for recharging the balance on prepaid phones.

Our system is used by mobile operators, or offered by banks as an additional online banking service. The platform makes it possible to top-up any prepaid card online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The system supports mobile phone top-ups through online banking sites and mobile applications. Both the top-up system and all the technological facilities of Blue Media offer very high reliability of up to 99.8%. The list of banking partners offering the Blue Media top-up system currently comprises 21 commercial banks and more than 240 cooperative banks.

We provide:

  • immediate transfer of funds
  • no maintenance fee
  • 24/7 technical monitoring
  • marketing support
  • complaints handling

Benefits for the Bank:

  • ​​Providing customers with mobile phone top-ups as part of online banking
  • Additional source of revenue for the bank 
  • Online monitoring of top-up transactions and sales statistics
  • Solution available to customers 24/7
  • Access to information and materials concerning organized promotions and competitions to promote the top-up service

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