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Online Platform for the Sale of Banking Products

Many years of experience in implementations of projects for the banking sector and good understanding of the market of financial products resulted in the development of a comprehensive tool to support this process.

Our solution is a complete set of functionalities facilitating the creation of ready-made sales channels for banking products such as:

  • instant online cash loans in 15 minutes
  • loans based on payment history
  • long term and short term online depositst
  • opening bank accounts online without visiting a branch
  • and many others

The solution allows the use of several hundred anti-fraud rules and several methods to assess the financial value of each customer, making it possible to take the whole sales process online for selected products.

We provide:

  • support in the process of configuration of the platform and its integration with existing banking systems
  • support building website traffic
  • innovative methods to validate and pre-assess whether the client qualifies for a loan
  • mobile-friendly responsive web design
  • a range of proprietary solutions and services (SMS and Messaging Gateway, transfer verification, SPBC instant transfer )

Benefits for the Bank:

  • An all-in-one solution for the sale and management of banking products in the Internet channel
  • A tool that allows clients of the bank to buy products completely on-line, at any time and place
  • Lower cost of sale and service of banking products

What distinguishes our platform for selling products online banking:

Anti-fraud rules

leveraging consumer behavioral data analysis

Automated scoring and debt collection

Social scoring

leveraging data from social networks