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Instant transfers

We were the first company in Poland to implement Blue Cash Payment System (SPBC), today's most popular system of instant transfers between Banks.

The solution we offer operates on the basis of the consent granted by the National Bank of Poland to conduct settlement and clearing activities. Industry-leading availability of our service makes it a perfect complement to the banking services for the most demanding customers.

Thanks to a unique solution for the exchange of information between banks, we are able to provide an instant mechanism for:

  • pre-authorization charges,
  • express money transfers to a mobile phone,
  • payments in mobile banking,
  • electronic bill payment in mobile banking.

We provide:

  • modern and reliable system based on interchange of information between banks
  • system which offers industry-leading availability by partnering with more than 100 Banks

Benefits for the Bank:

  • Offering customers instant money transfers
  • Additional source of income through the revenue-share model

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