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Credit Agricole

Social Scoring

Scope of implementation:

We performed a comprehensive pilot system for the implementation of the Social Scoring of the loan applicants. The cooperation involved the complete design work, the development process leveraging Big Data technologies, and subsequent maintenance of the platform.

Social scoring is a unique solution that offers a new approach to the verification of credibility of applicants by using the information available on social networks and behavioural data, including the analysis of previous behaviour on ecommerce and verification websites, or even how the applicant formats the data. By using this information and the analysis of Big Data, the system automatically performs the creditworthiness analysis for each client, greatly speeding up the process of granting loans.

We provided:

Using Big Data technologies

Versatility allowing for the repeated use of the solution without the need for complicated configuration of the changes in the offer by the employees of the bank.

Huge bandwidth
of incoming and outgoing data

We have gained 

a satisfied customer

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