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Credit Agricole

Scope of implementation:

We implemented the portal with the business goal to increase conversion rates - to sell more products online, and effectively improve client acquisition.

As an additional goal, we wanted the new website to improve the brand image of the company. During the implementation we made the integration of the new portal with existing systems of the Bank. Apart from the implementation work were also responsible for carrying out a series of security, and functional and performance tests that preceded the launch of the portal.

We provided:

Better availability of the offer, which translated into better sales

Availability of the Bank portal on mobile devices (RWD)

Advanced functionalities for easy management of the service

We have gained 

​a satisfied customer:

"We realize that good information architecture and nice layout are no longer enough nowadays. Complete and persuasive content may be the only way to distinguish us from the competition"

Piotr Jeske, Senior e-commerce specialist.

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