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We provide an advanced and convenient system for handling customer communication and authorization purposes

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Why use our SMS messaging solution?

Short text messages can serve not only as information or sales tools, but can also be an effective authorization tool.

Message delivery guarantee

Nowadays, SMS messages are one of the most effective forms of communication. Most of us are more likely to leave home without a wallet than without a phone. By sending an authorization SMS to a mobile phone, you increase the chance that the recipient will read it instantly.

Support for mass campaigns

You can send up to a million SMS messages per day, with SLA at 99.9%. This means you can successfully run nationwide mass SMS campaigns.

A convenient authorization tool

Bank transactions may be authorized in several ways. One-time code cards or hardware tokens are a thing of the past. We now use SMS authorization as a quick, convenient, and secure solution.

More efficient debt collection

SMS communication can also be used to remind your customers of upcoming payment dated or an overdue installment repayment. The system allows you to send an active link to finalize the transaction.

We provide

SLA above 99.9%

a special high-bandwidth gate

balanced application load

two leased line operators, backup environment

redundant network solutions

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Strong customer authentication is one of the key changes introduced by the EU Payments Directive, the so-called PSD2. It is meant to provide additional security for electronic transactions, i.e. even better consumer protection.

Our identity needs to be confirmed with at least two of the three types of independent elements: “what we know” (passwords, logins); “what we have” (phone, application); “who we are” (fingerprint, voice). This means, for example, a password and a code received by SMS, or a login and a fingerprint, etc. – to ensure the highest level of security.

Krzysztof Ambroziak
Relations Director at Blue Media

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How do SMS authorization codes work?

Codes sent via SMS are, next to mobile authorization, the most popular form of confirmation for bank transactions. Since people usually do not part with their phones, and the whole process takes only a few seconds, this authorization method is becoming increasingly popular.

When a customer orders a transfer, they receive an SMS message with a transaction summary (recipient, amount, bank account number) along with a one-time code that must be entered into the appropriate fields in their online banking application to confirm the payment.

This allows the customer to double check whether the recipient's data and the amount are correct, and complete the transaction in a few seconds.

Compared to traditional “scratch cards”, it is a much more convenient, more secure, and error-resistant solution.

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