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From everyday payments to comprehensive tools for business

We provide innovative solutions for handling electronic transactions and supporting online sales

Online payments

We handle millions of transactions for utility companies and online stores.

Our products are so intuitive and non-invasive that you might be one of the millions of Poles using them regularly and hardly even know this. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of individual ecommerce market and service providers wanting to offer online payments.

What we offer

BM Online Payments for ecommerce | Bill payments |
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Transaction systems

We want to simplify the lives of our users on many levels.

This is why we offer them solutions based on platforms and systems of our partners, but also our own, proprietary systems. Our strategy over the years has centred on the creation of products which, without restrictions, could be used by anyone, conveniently and at any time. That's how we came up with services for individual customers and SMEs, allowing them to automatically pay bills, process invoices, top up phones, perform instant transfers, purchase insurance, benefit from social lending, and exchange currency.

Our products | | |
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We are a trusted partner of many banks.

The unique value we can offer is experience and a wide range of payment, authorization, communication and verification solutions, implemented and tested by millions users of existing transactional systems.

Knowledge, confidence and security of our products makes us an ideal partner for electronic and mobile banking.

What we offer

Electronic and mobile banking | Bank portals | Online Platform for the Sale of Banking Products | Instant transfers | SMS in banking | Phone top-ups |
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Insurance is another important area of our lives which calls for simplification. We made it possible with our innovative technology, including the online insurance comparison engine, or a possibility to purchase insurance completely online.

Very good knowledge of the market and the needs of today's customers enables us to create solutions which are ready to respond to the challenges facing insurance companies trying to implement multi-channel sales strategies.

What we offer

Insurance company portals |
Multi-channel platform for the sale of insurance products |
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Sports projects

We have developed a range of innovative tools for the sports sector: sport clubs, academies, federations, and the fans themselves.

Many years of experience with the sports sector have enabled us to precisely identify the needs of this market in terms of online presence and communication with fans. This resulted in the development of successful, comprehensive solutions used by the biggest sports federations and clubs in Poland today.

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