Blue Media projects recognized in the Leader 2015 and Hit 2016 technological competitions


In the Leader 2015 competition, the third place in the “Banking and Finance” category was granted to Deutsche Bank Polska S.A. – for running the db Navi Invest investment platform, which was developed and implemented by Blue Media. Navi Invest allows bank customers to individually choose the investment path and strategy, based on the investment funds available in the bank’s offer. It is partly thanks to the introduction of db Navi Invest platform that the bank recorded, in 2015, a 30% increase in the value of assets allocated in funds and other investment products.

In the category “Energy, fuels and chemistry”, the jury recognized Blue Alert – the multichannel communication system dedicated to energy suppliers and their clients. Blue Alert is a system developed by Blue Media that improves the detection of industrial network failures and allows for faster resumption of energy supply. It improves the efficacy of clients’ communication with the customer service: the customer service resources are better used, and the hotlines are less busy. Thanks to the module construction, it is easier to adjust the system to the needs of individual companies.