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Instant payments

Our payment gateway has been implemented in several thousand online stores in Poland. This number is constantly growing as we provide quick, convenient, and secure payment methods. Our gateway will help you send the money instantly, so you can receive your order faster.

Telephone top-ups

We have created the first solution in Poland for topping up phones online.

Today, we process about 300 phone top-ups per minute, and our system is used by banks and telecommunications companies.

Simplified bill payments

When you receive an invoice from your telecommunications provider, electricity or gas supplier, you can pay it with one click.

You will find a special payment link on the invoice. Just click it, and the bill is paid! All information necessary to complete the transfer will be completed automatically.

Where can you use our solutions?

Your favorite online stores

We process payments in over 33,000 online stores in Poland. If you use our payment gateway, you can choose your favorite payment method.

We offer such payment methods as BLIK, Pay-by-Link, fast transfers, online instalments, and card payments.

Utility suppliers, insurance companies, and other service providers

More and more companies understand that streamlined payment processes are modern payment tools beneficial to all stakeholders.

Electricity, gas, rent, water, insurance, tuition fees – such bills (and many more) can be conveniently paid with our solutions.

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